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I am a breeder of Miniature Longhaired and Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds. I do show my dogs but first and foremost they are part of my family and as such share our home.

I am extremely  proud of their achievements. 


Type, temperament and the health of the breed is important to us so ALL our stud dogs and breeding stock  are DNA tested CLEAR


Dinkidax has three stud dogs available at stud. Dinkidax Grisham, black and cream, sire of many show winning puppies, Lokmadi Rio Bravo at Dinkidax, son of Grisham, a shaded red, who now has his stud book number with the kennel club and a proven stud dog, and my lovely Simon, Dinkidax Right On Cue, a shaded cream boy, already Crufts 2020 qualified, now available to approved bitches.

Simon and Rio are winning their classes wherever they go.

Simon, BOB & BPIB at Bakewell Agricultural Show, HG4, PHG3

Lokmadi Rio Bravo at Dinkidax wins 2nd in the Junior Dog Class at Crufts 2019. Rio continues to shine in the ring. Simon following in his footsteps.

5th January 2019. Boston & District Ch. Show. A new start to the new year. Rio wins Junior Dog and Best Puppy dog and overall best puppy in Breed. He was also short listed in the puppy group. Many thanks to breed judge. Anne Defaye and Group Judge Keith Pursglove. Manchester was next on the agenda. Judge Tom Mather preferred the dog Findowrie Mr. McKenzie to Rio, his choice, so Rio again came 2nd. However, the girls did Dinkidax proud with Cyenna winning 2nd in Limit Bitch and Nina Winning 2nd in Open Bitch.

Hound Association Ch. Show. Dinkidax Right on Cue wins Puppy Dog and Rio ( Lokmadi Rio Bravo at Dinkidax wins Junior Dog and Best Junior in Breed.

Super day at West Riding Dachshund Association Open Show. Dinkidax dogs made their mark. India M/S/H won Junior Bitch, M.L/H - Rio won Puppy Dog, Best Dog, RBOB, BPIB. Lily won 1st M/L/H Junior Bitch and Dinkidax Cyenna Satin wins Open and RBB.

Lokmadi Rio Bravo Winning Best Puppy in Show at The Eastern Counties Dachshund Association Championship Show on 4th November 2018. Many thanks to Breed Specialist Judge Miss Becki Rowe and Best in Show Judge Mrs.W.Spencer for a wonderful day.


Congratulations to Dinkidax Lily Grace on winning 1st Puppy Bitch and overall BPB at Midland Counties Ch. Show. Well done to Rio for coming 2nd in a strong Puppy Dog Class.

A very long and tiring day at LKA  ch. show. Rio won  Junior Dog, 2nd In Puppy Dog.so he gains another JW point.


This young man is available at stud but not proven yet.

Rio (pictured above) won 1st in Puppy Dog Class and 1st Junior Dog at South Wales Kennel Association Ch. Show on 6th October, many thanks to Judge: Ms. Lyn Brooks (Lyndarlea) and 1st Puppy and Best Puppy in Breed at The Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show on 25th August 2018, followed by winning Best Puppy Dog at Darlington Dog Show Society Ch. Show, under Judge: Mr. Jason Hunt, Dinkidax Lily Grace 2nd in Puppy Bitch, Dinkidax Phyllisia 1st Open Bitch and her daughter India 3rd in Junior, thanks to Liz Millward, Breed Judge of the day.

Rio wins Best P:uppy Dog at Driffield Championship Dog Show. Dinkidax India Spice wins 1st Puppy Bitch under Judge. Mr Jason E. Hunt. Thank you to both Judges.

LOKMADI RIO BRAVO AT DINKIDAX wins 1st Minor Puppy Dog at The Hound Association Ch. Show and 1st Minor Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog on the same day at The Midland Dachshund Club where Nina, Pearl Our Pride and Joy at dinkidax wins 1st Limit Bitch. Many thanks to Judges. Mrs. Andrea Callow and Miss Marilyn Norton. Rio also wins 1st Minor Puppy Dog at The Northern Counties Dachshund Association, Best Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Dog at Leeds Championship Show and Best Puppy in Breed at Border Counties Hound Club. Dinkidax India Spice won Puppy and Best Puppy in Breed M/S/H/ Many thanks to Judge. Lorna Binks

Dinkidax Cyenna Satin wins 1st Limit Bitch, BCC and BOB at Border Union championship Show under Judge Mr. Ray Morland.  Our Pride and Joy at Dinkidax was placed 2nd in a strong Open Bitch Class. What a fabulous day. I am so proud of my Dinkidax girls. These two gorgeous ladies are now indisposed whilst looking after their adorable puppies but will both be back in the ring shortly.

At Blackpool Championship Dog Show Society Dinkidax India Spice wins the Puppy Bitch Class under Judge: Mr. Gary McAlpine, Curfts here we come India, Well done.

Lokmadi Rio Bravo at Dinkidax has joined The Dinkidax Kennel. Sire: Dinkidax Grisham.  Dam: Summerview Up and Coming for Daxphilly.  Rio's first show was  at the East of England Championship Dog Show where he was placed 2nd in the Minor Puppy Dog class. This qualified him for Crufts 2019. Also Dinkidax Lily Grace was placed 3rd in the Minor Puppy Class, so another Crufts qualifier for the Dinkidax Kennel. Many thanks to Sandra Marshall.

 Dinkidax Sandrayana at Kindeace wins 1st Puppy Dog and DRCC at Hound Association of Scotland. Many thanks to judge Tom Johnston for thinking so highly of our lovely homebred boy. The icing on the cake came when Mr. Derek Smith awarded Sandy 1st in Junior Dog at Crufts 2018. So proud. Another RCC for Dinkidax Sandrayana at Kindeace at Hound Association of Scotland under Judge. Sue Seath..

 Our Pride and Joy at Dinkidax wins 1st in Open and BOB at Ladies Kennel Club Association. Thanks to Judge Carol Daykin (Barrantini). She has 1CC.  RBOB Dinkidax Cyenna Satin JW

Super, Super day at The Scottish Dachshund Club Ch. Show. Cyenna wins BPIB,  Many thanks to breed judge Mrs. Daphne Graham and Mr. John Bennett for placing her RBPIS.

Photo by Photocall.

Dinkidax Cyenna Satin wins BPIB and BPIS at West Riding Dachshund Association Open show under Judge: Anne Defaye (Fedaye)


   photo by Anne Stepehnson

Dinkidax Cyenna Satin, shaded red bitch. Daughter of Ch. Dinkidax Justin Credible JW.

So proud of my gorgeous little girl. Her latest success was at The East Yorkshire Dachshund Club Open Show held Saturday 5th March 2016. She won 1st in Puppy, BPIB and went on to win Reserve Best Puppy in Show. Her best yet.  Many thanks to Breed Judge Wendy Starkey and BIS Judge. Mrs. Helen Buchan (Helenium). for thinking so highly of my gorgeous girl. She followed this by winning rserve best puppy in show at the Scottish Dachshund Club 2016 under Judge: Joihn Bennett

Wow!! Dinkidax Cyenna wins 1st Puppy bitch and BPIB at The Dachshund Club Open show, 27th February 2016. Thanks to judge Mrs. E. Cooper (Jumanda) for thinking so highly of her.

 Dinkidax Phyllisia.


CH. Dinkidax Justin Credible won his third CC at Belfast Dog Show Society 26/09/2015. Confirmed by The Kennel Club. He is my third Champion.

Many thanks to Judge Mr. Bill Brown-Cole for thinking so highly of my lovely man.

 1st Open Dog and RDCC at Midland Counties Ch. Show. Many thanks to Anne McDonald - Judge

Ch.Dinkidax Justin Credifble JW. Photo by Adam Harrap


Justin was two years old on the 8th March 2015. He is a proven sire of 5 wonderful puppies. All of which are spoken for.

The Dinkidax Show Kennels has received the highest award from THE KENNEL CLUB  by acquiring the UKAS CERTIFICATE.






  Had a wonderful day at The Miniature Dachshund Club Championship Show 9th February 2014. Justin won Best Puppy in Breed and Reserve Best Puppy in Show. Many thanks to Breed judge Mrs. C. Worswick (Dolyharp),  and Best in Show Judge Mr. Sigurd Wilberg (Kanix).


I rarely breed only when I want a puppy for myself.   Always striving to improve my lines for the benefit and health of the breed.  

The Dinkidax Show Kennel strives to breed to the correct type and standard as laid down by the Kennel Club and The Dachshund Club Breeders Council. Please beware of breeders who are not members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme and/or members of The Dachshund Breeder Council and whose puppies are not registered with the Kennel Club. Please check that puppies have a recent DNA test certificate for the Progressive Retinal Atrophy Gene when buying from breeders advertising puppies for sale. I genuinely love Miniature Long Haired/Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds and always put in 110% effort with no expense spared in ensuring these little guys all have the very best possible start in life. Dinkidax has achieved a great deal of success from  present and  past show/breeding stock. All dogs are home bred from excellent show winning lines.

Dinkidax has two proven stud dogs available. All DNA clear. Dinkidax Grisham, miniature longhaired (one black and cream), and one miniature smooth haired, Chocolate and Tan.

Owner/Breeder on the 'B' Judging List of The Dachshund Breed Council. CV available to all Show Secretaries on enquiry at the above telephone numbers

I am a fully paid paid up member of The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.  Under the ABS Scheme conditions I was visited by the Accredited Breeders Scheme Inspector in September 2017, - I am happy to relate that the Dinkidax Kennels passed with flying colours and is now a KC AS UK certificate holder.  Also joint licensed breeder with my husband of the Francanmag Pugs with the DMBC.

Images below of our two past champions

      Ch. Wildhatch Cropston Boy of Dinkidax.      Ch. Dinkidax Donny Rova JW

Miniature Dachshunds are the love of my life. They are the most outgoing  little darlings but can be the most cantankerous creatures. They love to be part of the every day activities and I love to be part of their lives. I have decided that I Live with them, not they live with me.

 I do my utmost to ensure these little guys get the very best start in life unfortunately others don't!  PLEASE PLEASE read the information on this site BEFORE buying a puppy. I document, photograph and video (where possible) everything I do and so that anyone can always see I am 1000% open and honest. I pride myself on my honesty and straight to the point no sugar coating tell it like it really is; and I hope you appreciate that honest attitude in my web site as everything here is truly written from the heart.
Firstly to me Miniature Long Haired/Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds are my interest/hobby and NOT a business and as such their welfare always comes first with no expense spared.

Miniature Long Haired/Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds can be affected by quite a few genetic issues so all our Miniature Long Haired/Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds are PRA tested (Dogs affected go blind) so I neither own and have only ever produced one PRA affected dog  who was castrated and put in a pet home).

 I breed for long ribbing to help prevent any back issues as well as chests that are clear off the ground. For me a Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds and Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds should be fit for life and fit for purpose - all of my dogs are.

They love to exercise in open country and a ploughed field is the greatest thing to overcome. I love to see their ears flapping as they jump up and over the turrets created by the tractor. I am lucky I have access to open farmland where my dogs excel in their agility.  Exercise is the first and foremost important thing in a dachshund life. They are bred as sight hounds and love to hunt their prey be it rabbit, squirrel or game fowl.  If your dachshund is given the opportunity to seek it's quarry and given the exercise it requires on a daily basis then it will maintain the required weight. sadly most dachshunds are just kept as lap dogs and spend more of their time sat on their owner's lap or left to fend for themselves where they don't get any exercise at all.

Whether you buy from me or another breeder please, please, make sure you take every precaution to ensure you buy a genuine above board healthy Miniature Long Haired Dachshund/Miniature Smooth Haired puppy. Then you will almost certainly avoid the pain, anguish and very large vets bills that almost always happen when buying from low level breeders and puppy farmers. Please be aware that if people didn't buy from them they would soon go out of business and no more dogs would have to suffer. Cheap to buy, no papers, discount for no papers, no DNA tests, don't know what DNA tests are, will almost certainly mean very expensive later! Regrettably a large percentage of "breeders" are quite frankly completely clueless and largely disinterested in understanding even the bare basics of breeding genetics. They therefore get taken in with urban myths and propagate these to confuse everyone else. Beware of these people and always triple check what you are told. If in doubt check out  the breeder with the Assured Breeders Scheme with the Kennel Club. If they are not registered on this site then don't go there.

Need advice even if you are buying/bought from someone else? Then please drop me a line, I will always try to help and if I don't know the answer then I will put you in touch with someone else who does.

I have held jointly with my husband a breeders licence with the D.M.B.C, for the last ten years . In addition Kennel Club  UKAS breeder.

Photo  of Miniature Longhaired  Dachshund Dinkidax Amaryllis who was my first Championship Show winning Bitch. She won 1st Junior Bitch and RCC under Janet Lovick-Gibbs at the Southern Dachshund Ch. Show as far back as 2003. Much has happened since then.


I  breed a variety of colours of MINIATURE LONGHAIRED and MINIATURE SMOOTH HAIRED DACHSHUNDS  including Chocolate and Tan,  Black and Cream,  Black and Tan, Clear Red, Shaded Red and both Red brindle and cream brindles. even Silver Dapples. All my puppies are tested by the AHT for Progressive Retinal Atrophy before going to their new owners. I have strived over the last fourteen years to build a kennel of CLEAR DNA dogs. both mini longhaired and mini smooth haired  as a result of mating them to CLEAR DNA stud dogs have produced in the main CLEAR puppies.

Please beware of breeders who are not members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme and/or members of The Dachshund Breeder Council and whose puppies are not registered with the Kennel Club. Please check that puppies have a recent DNA test certificate for the Progressive Retinal Atrophy Gene when buying from breeders advertising puppies for sale. Also to not be tempted to give out your bank details to advertisers on the net selling puppies.  There are many scams about with people just trying to get your money with the promise that they will send the puppy by courier on receipt of your bank details. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP.

Please be aware that whilst it is a wonderful achievement to show your dogs at Crufts it is not the be all and end all of showing. My aim is to breed Miniature Dachshunds to the standard as laid down by the Kennel Club and produce puppies from Clear DNA parents. Show status whilst gratifying does not by any means prove quality. 

Our track record has proved that quality bred puppies from selective breeding stock is second to none.

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