Dinkidax Show Kennel is a Licensed  Establishment with the Local Authority. We also hold an Assured Breeder/UKAS Certificate from The Kennel Club. All our Breeding/Show Stock are DNA tested and are Micro Chipped.

Living with Miniature Dachshunds is the most joyous thing. To share my home with these learned  dogs is a wonderful experience. They put their precious lives totally in my hands and their love and devotion is incomparable to anything I have ever known.  When Gipsy, my first Miniature Longhaired Dachshund came to me in 2002 I could never have imagined how my life would end up being completely changed by these wonderful dogs. I shall always be eternally grateful to Lena Shutt of the Donnadoon Dachshunds for letting me have her.

I have many visitors to my home, some non-doggie people, but mostly people who are connected in some way with Dachshunds. Many come to view our adorable puppies in the hope that they will be allowed to purchase one. Others come to look at our stud dogs in the hope that I will allow them to be mated to their bitches. In all of these situations my wonderful Dachshunds behave impeccably as if they know they have to be on their very best behaviour to prove that Dinkidax is a reliable Show and Breeding Kennel. The more outgoing ones of the pack will make you very welcome and at the first opportunity jump upon your knee and give you a lick to welcome you. Those that are not so outgoing will just sit at your feet and wait to be invited upon your knee. None of my dogs take an aggressive stance at strangers and if "Mum" lets you in then you must be OK. All my dogs live in the house in their own specially designed room which is just off the kitchen only separated by a stable door from which I can keep an eye on things.

Our day starts at 5.00 am , sometimes earlier, depending who is fed up and want to be up. I just shut my ears and keep my fingers crossed that my long suffering husband will get fed up of the racket and come downstairs. A t the sound of his footsteps on the stairs the  loud chorus of barking usually started by Donut,  get even louder. Donut  seems to have an inbuilt alarm clock in his head and once he starts the whole pack joins in. Once opening the door to their lounge there is  lots of tail wagging and extra LOUD barking. hooray " let’s go out and investigate the garden and see what, or who has been in since we last visited it". The routine is exactly the same every morning but they go out with such excitement as if it was a new experience. This done they all come back in and form a circle in front of the door from their "Dog Den" to the kitchen and wait with anticipation until I come downstairs. The slightest movement on the staircase sets them all barking again because Mum is on the way. Food at last !!!.

On opening the door to the "Dog Den" I am met with an array of wagging tails and welcoming barks. They all follow me to the "dog" fridge and watch my every move as I take out the bowl of Tripe from the fridge, or whatever is on the menu that day, and then I take all the dog bowls from the cupboard. Because I feed the dogs in my selected order each one knows who is going to be fed first, second and third and so on.

I prepare six bowls first, my husband’s four Pugs and at the moment the mother of the dachshund puppies and my old bitch who is ten, and put the food in their feeding places. The next batch is my older puppies Oliver and Diva, followed by the rest of the pack. All are fed within ten minutes and then I open the door to the garden and out they go to relieve themselves. This is when I do my first pooper Scoop. (Does this ring any bells?).  Time for a minute or two for myself and a much needed cuppa. Next job, wash and fill all the water bowls and place all the food bowls in the dishwasher. Another cuppa, (tea is the most wonderful drink to keep you alert at this time in the morning. Life returns to a more peaceful time. Well, almost, fully fed and watered it is playtime and it can get a bit boisterous but overall everyone is perfectly happy.

During the day the Dachshunds either laze about or spend time in the garden, coming back in occasionally to see if I am still there. Obviously normal household duties have to be attended to but once these are done is on with the coat and good walking shoes and then to decide who is the first batch to take out for "walkies".  This has to be done with the most conniving tricks imaginable. I wait whilst none of them are looking and take out four leads from the drawer and then try secretively to extract four of the dogs into the kitchen without the rest noticing – not easy. However, we manage it 95% of the time. Having got the selected dogs leaded up in the kitchen we make a hasty retreat through the front door, leaving my husband to cope with those that have realized what I am up to.

With two either side of me we set off on our first walk which is just a quick three mile trot. Then harness up the next four – and so on until they are all exercised. The next few hours are my own but I do have to put any soiled or wet bedding into "their" washing machine, put all dog bowls into the dishwasher and take out of the freezer the next day’s meat to defrost.

By this time they are all having their well-earned nap and so my time is my own. All my jobs done, time to sit down and have yet another brew. But suddenly everyone is now awake, Mum has sat down – time for love and cuddles. I love this moment as this a special time for just me and my dogs. I have been known to have all my Dachshunds plus the Pugs on my knee at once with just my feet and head showing above them all. But, what a wonderful feeling. Their closeness to me is paramount to anything I have experienced. In their own way they talk to me and show me their love and devotion.

After "our special time", I check for grooming jobs that have to be done. Nails to be clipped, feet to be trimmed, ears and teeth might need attention ( I have found this wonderful Oral spray called Petzlife Oral Spray which is a great way of eradicating tartar) and finally a good grooming. For some it may be time for worming, and most off all they all get treated for fleas and ticks. They all love to be brushed and combed and it never ceases to amaze me that even though I comb my dogs on a daily basis there is always the odd knot to comb out. Where do they come from? Time for another brew!!! Not forgetting the dogs this time – Oh yes I have to make them a brew too!!!

Next job – Oh yes it has to be done. Out comes the super scooper and bucket for the second time and I do my "poo" investigation. I makes you wonder just how many times they do this? This done hang out the dog beds that have been washed, retrieve the dog bowls from the dishwasher and vacuum up the dog hairs and wash the "Dog Den" floor. All smells lovely and clean – but for how long? Believe it or not it is now 4.30pm and time to top up pregnant bitches, mothers of puppies and anyone who didn’t eat their breakfast. Again out into the garden for a trot around, another pooper scoop for Mum, and then back to sleep whilst Mum cooks a human dinner. It smells so nice – "why can’t we have any of that?"

 Sometimes a visit to the vet is necessary either for a booster injection, micro- shipping etc. , or I may have a bitch in whelp that needs a vet's attention. This has to be slotted into the days routine also. All this has to be taken into account when deciding how much to charge for a puppy. Not to mention that if I didn't pay my gas/electric/council tax/phone bill etc., my dogs would not have the warm, comfortable home in which they live. Looking after a pack of dogs is a 24/7 commitment, not just when I feel in the mood, It has to be done otherwise my lovely, little darlings would suffer.

 From 6.00pm – 8.00pm is the most peaceful time in this household. I am on the computer replying to emails, catching up on phone calls and the dogs are ALL fast asleep. Not for long, Mum switches off the computer and I don’t care how fast asleep they all are,  they immediately all wake up when the Windows shut down music comes on." Great", Mum is ours again. So for the next couple of hours it is again love and cuddles time before they are put to bed. The time is now 10.00pm and by god I am ready for it so all the dogs are put in their respective night time accommodation (for their safety and my peace of mind),  off upstairs I go.  A very, happy contented lady knowing my dogs have had all the loving care and attention they could possibly have on the day. BUT guess what, it all starts again at 5.00 tomorrow morning.

Show days have a different routine. The show dogs are washed and groomed the day before, checking all things like nails, teeth, and feet are all done to perfection. These are treated specially by being fed before the others on the show day so that we can make an early start. This is where my husband takes over and those left behind are looked after by him – we are a good team. I take great pride in taking  my lovely dogs to the shows. We may not always win but they never let me down. Again, their behaviour is impeccable and whether we win or not we have a good day out together.

The moral of this story is that if you are going to own one or even multiple dogs in your household you have to put your four-legged friends first no matter what, but the complete satisfaction gained from this experience is second to none and I wouldn’t change my life for all the gold in the world.





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